Bruce Lee Lo Man Kam - Lu Wenjin Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Taiwan Wing Chun Kung Fu in China, Beijing by Marco Lee
Learn the Kung Fu Style of Bruce Lee?! 
Now you won’t have to go to Hong Kong anymore! 

Fully accredited teacher and disciple Lee Guan Hua of Grandmaster Lo Man Kam and the
Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation, gives private and group lessons in Beijing - China. 

Lessons are taught in Chinese, English, German and Italian.

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Curriculum offered

Intensive-short self-defense course - aimed to give the practitioner a realistic way of survival against threat on the street.

Course in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu comprises the following forms:
  • Siu Nim Tao (basic idea form)
  • Cham Kiu (seeking bridge)
  • Biu Jee (thrusting fingers)
  • Mook Yan Jeung(Wooden Dummy)
  • Luk Deem Boon Gwan (6½ Long Pole)
  • Baat Jaam Dao (Butterfly Knives), Theoretical Methodology etc.

Note: This course is for the practitioner who has the earnest craving to explore Kung Fu in its entirety , leading to mastery and self-cultivation.


Our Mission

  The promotion of Traditional Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu , Chinese Boxing and its associated Arts (Philosophy, Martial, Medical and others).  

Give the individual the chance to comprehend what KUNG FU actually is.  

Enable the student to project his inner potentials.


Why learn Wing Chun Kung Fu?

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Contact Details

Email: Mr. Lee (
Tel: (0086) 131 265 53 900 

More information about Wing Chun:


Brief Style History

Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented by the Shaolin Abbess Ng Mui and subsequently handed down from teacher to teacher to the late Grandmaster Yip Man from Hong Kong who taught his Nephew Lo Man Kam and other students such as the famous Bruce Lee, Duncan Leung, William Cheung and others. Wing Chun is famous for its effectiveness, practicality, logic and adaptability and because everyone regardless of strength or body stature can learn it in a relatively short time. Currently there are more than 150000 people practicing worldwide.


Information about classes

As for now classes are held 2 times a week (minimum) each session is 2 hours long, 8 times a month that comes to over 16 hours lessons a month. Upon request additional classes can be given. Students pay upfront for a month (note: I only accept study fees in a red envelope).

I do not allow visitors/spectators in my class as I respect my students privacy and my own privacy. Kung Fu is a personal thing. I also believe that you cannot learn by watching or asking someone about Kung Fu - true skill is acquired through practice. People who like to watch can purchase tapes or DVDs online on the subject (I don't sell anything). However, if time permits, I sometimes welcome people to visit me before they decide to join a class in order to underline the purpose and style of the training (free of charge).

The number of students is limited to 8 that means each class has 1-8 people only as I prefer to work with a small group of dedicated people.

Students have to show healthy respect for other human beings and come into the class with a positive attitude. I am responsible for the harmony in the group and anything the student does to disrupt the harmony in the group will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from the group - no refund.

Students are not forced to wear a uniform but loose, comfortable sports wear is of advantage.

For more information feel free to contact me.


About Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu

One of the hallmarks of Lo Man Kam Wing Chun is for certain the versatility of its use. Tactics or Philosophies that the students acquire through training are not only useful in a physical confrontation but are also applied in daily life. In fact, the importance of application in daily life clearly outweighs the physical confrontation - because we socialize for most part of our life and derive benefits from it for ourselves, our family and our friends. Most people do not earn their living through physical confrontation - this has to be kept in mind.

We are human beings - not animals. In Lo Man Kam Wing Chun we believe in Life - Not death; Health - Not Sickness; Success - Not Failure, Discipline and Healthy Thinking.



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FAQ: "Isn't every Wing Chun Kung Fu the same?"

Besides the name I would say that there is a big difference between Lo Man Kam Wing Chun and other styles.


FAQ: Why do Wing Chun Teachers charge so much money for their training (compared to other styles)?

Let me ask you: "Why do some universities or schools charge so much money for their tuition and why are you willing to pay for it?" Because of quality, money, qualification, prestige or hope for a better life? What does really qualify your investment? For the people who have paid it, they did because they thought: "it's worth it!", for those who didn't for sure because they thought: "it's not!".

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